Zuzana Roskoványi: Life is a crazy carnival

We need to be grateful for our lives and treasure each moment of our life because we live it only once. This summers exhibition in the East Slovak’s Museum presents an artist of the younger generation (year 1979). Her own talent beats all conventions, it is her talent that makes the foundations for her artwork. That´s one of the presentions body and blood of her making. Her leitmotif is a kind of fascination. Fascination of the world. Not its scenic beauty, diversity, idyllicity or beauty, but its colorful – whether is it nature, urban areas, genre scene, female body, sea or burning saddle.

The elements of light and air. There Zuzana Roskoványi locates lyrical also to earth, life, movement, song of her paintings her art is not cumbersome and overly ornamented, rather it is intense but clear. It does not carry the burden of strong emotions or deep spirituality. Her art is defined by her senses. However, despite this, or maybe because of it can Zuzana harness her art. But nevertheless – or just therefore – she knows how to very economically stretch as far as possible to make use of her funds. This creates the manuscript, blends a system of coagulating these areas and abbreviations, structure of the very much alive, even these being immediate and its built on the element of colours and their shades.

The overall effect of Zuzana´s paintings is her very own congenial style, that blends also the modern elements of modern painting. By the way, the name of the exhibition comes from the quote of Zuzana´s father Štefan Roskoványi: “Life is just a crazy carnival, which attendants pretend, that the time of folding the mask should never have come”. Zuzana here undresses her face, to show us that the art with pose cannot be truthful. And the carnival? The carnival is in every one of us.

PhDr. Miro Procházka

Zuzana Roskovanyi came to the world on August 7, 1979 in the star sign of Leo, which gave her a sense of colour vision of the world. In addition, she was born in an artistic family, where she was a pitiful lover of art. Therefore it would not surprise anyone that after graduating from high school, the talented Zuzana decided to devote herself to fine art. However, her father, the well-known academic painter Štefan Roskoványi, the daughter’s decision to make an artistic journey was too “needless”. He knew that the sandwich artist was not easy. Eventually, He supported her and Zuzana successfully studied the humanitarian direction of art education – history at Prešov University.

The breakthrough in the life of the hopeful painter was the sudden departure of her father from this world. Feeling full of pain from the loss of a beloved man, Zuzana made into art, which is still expressed mainly through colours. Red and orange evoked her childhood, and from her early childhood she was associated with her father’s work. She is not afraid to experiment with other colours. In the painting production, especially the characters living their story, beloved horses, landscapes, the hometown of Košice, as well as modern avant-garde appear.

“Zuzana Roskovanyi was lucky to have grown up in a creative environment – between the paintings – with her father, significant Košice and Slovak painter, who undoubtedly inherited strong talent. Due to Zuzana’s dream of becoming an artist on her own has paid off thanks to her talent and her natural artistic development.

There are a lot of painters, lots of paintings, but some of them can be said to have a soul – what is the most valuable thing about art. Zuzana’s images have soul. Her paintings feature a wide and clear colour scale. Colour tuning is unrepeatable, extremely impressive, incredibly valuable, and delivers the image of the necessary artistic power and value. “

Acad. Sculptor Miroslav Bonk